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RPO Solutions

The quality of a workforce is one of the most significant drivers towards business performance. The success of business relies upon talent, and acquiring the most qualified people is increasingly competitive. Organization rely on their HR and Talent Acquisition leaders to provide sustainable talent acquisition strategies that can support their company’s vision and growth plans.

TalentBeacon Solutions provides quality Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions across the globe. We deliver RPO solutions around the world through our regional center in Hyderabad to India specifically, as well as to the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America, leveraging our global experience to deliver regional RPO expertise. We use knowledge and market leading insight to identify, connect and engage with the right people, through our global networks and our unique social media collaboration.

We offer scalable, modular solutions across a wide range of industries. We provide customized levels of service—both on-site and off—over varying durations of time to meet your specific needs. That includes tactical resolutions to immediate challenges as well as sustainable solutions that take the long view on talent acquisition.
Why RPO from TalentBeacon Solutions:
Expert Recruiters
  • We use proven sourcing strategies to identify where the talent is and how best to attract them. Our experience and expertise accelerates the acquisition of the right talent for you. We target qualified candidates who make sense for your company culture, many of whom are not actively searching for employment and have gone undiscovered by others.

  • We bring cutting-edge insight and innovation to the way we operate, keeping our clients ahead of the competitive curve. Our customized, integrated solutions transform the way the world thinks about and acquires talent.

Global Reach
  • We can provide RPO solutions that meet the ever-changing, complex, global demands of your business. We have a deep understanding of each local market in which we serve and leverage our global network to meet your workforce needs anywhere around the world.